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Commodity Hedging Company was formed in 1990. However the methods used to forecast commodity prices started in 1980 and in 1983 came across the charting and cycle methods of W.D.Gann, a famous commodity forecaster and trader.

In 1983 David started as a futures broker and combined with this knowledge started with the cotton marketing board in 1987. Helping growers with the new deregulated market in Queensland he commenced his work with seven farmers who he gave advice in agricultural commodities.

The business grew as growers profits surged and were way above the pools prices resulting in word of mouth getting around about David's knack for commodity hedging. David still has four of the commodities clients that started with him in 1990. The drought hit in 2000 and cotton crops have been way down since.

In 2004 David started working with grain growers and have out-performed the pool prices for the last five years by more than $150 per/tonne. The commodity hedging business continues to grow as agricultural farmers look for more education of marketing and business management as well as knowledge of commodity futures trading.

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The School of Gann Home Study Course was created not only for the novice trader, or hedger but for the professional as a refresher or to learn an alternative methodology as well.

Whether you are a just beginning to trade or have been trading for years; this course is for you!

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